7 Tips for Creating a Low-Key Romantic Bedroom with Tricia Rose of Rough Linen


We can always rely on Tricia Rose, the doyenne of Rough Linen, for a bit of bedroom advice; this Valentine’s Day, she tells us how to achieve a low-key romantic bedroom, scented candles not included.

1. Get comfortable.


Above: “I’m assuming your bedroom is already a haven—you created it after all,” Tricia says. “It’s for you, not anyone else, so if the mattress is too soft, the sheets clingy or slithery, the pillows resilient, what are you doing to yourself?” Instead of cotton sheets and pillowcases, put linen on your bed. (After all, this category of textiles is called bed linens for a reason.) Shown above, Tricia’s line in Dusk, a dusty rose shade that’s not too pink.

2. Remove Distractions


Above: Stow electronics, loose pocket change, and other odds and ends elsewhere (or in your bedside table); your bedroom should be a clean slate.

3. Personalize Your Space


Above: “Generic is insulting,” Tricia says. In this bedroom, unexpected touches include a ceramic bell by Michelle Quan (for something similar go to Lost Found) as wall art and a leather tripod stool as a bedside table (we like Portland, Oregon–based Wood Faulk’s rendition, available through Garmentory).

4. Don’t Go Overboard with Scent


Above: “Scent is a tricky thing,” according to Tricia. “No point in turning your room into a Bessarabian brothel, unless that is your chosen pleasure, so go gently here. Clean and fresh is a good starting point; start by running a bath with a few drops of essential oils” (or tuck one of Tricia’s Lavender Sachets under your pillow).

5. Size Matters


Above: Ditch the fitted sheet and instead tuck in a flat sheet around the mattress. “Fitted sheets are an excrescence,” said Tricia. “Mattresses are all different depths. Fitted sheets never fit properly and they never look good.” Instead, she suggests, use a big flat sheet—if necessary, buy one that’s a size larger than your mattress—and tuck it tightly around the mattress.

6. Consider a Yin-Yang Palette


Above: Make your bed with a mix of Charcoal and rosy-hued Dusk linens for a yin-yang effect.

7. Dim the Lights


Above: “A little magic comes in useful, based in the senses,” Tricia says. “Start with lights: candles or strings of LEDs, since you can’t relax if you’re worried about starting a fire in the curtains rather than in your partner’s heart. Either will create a soft and flattering light, which can’t hurt.”

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